Cigarette Smuggling Scandal Continues to Snowball|國安局私菸風暴延燒 國安二首長下台

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  Those who are responsible should take responsibility. They should courageously assume responsibility. However, we don't wish to see any impact on or manipulation of politics during the investigation.

  The Democratic Progressive Party accused the KMT of manipulating politics, although it had to admit that it hopes this smuggling case can be thoroughly investigated. New Power Party Legislator Huang Kuo-chang, who exposed the scandal, demanded that China Airlines take responsibility as well and ferret out the perpetrators.

  The president is furious and has asked for a complete investigation. However, China Airlines is still trying to cover up its role.

  We should strictly investigate and handle officials who engage in illegal activities.

  This scandal has wide political ramifications. Prosecutors are currently trying to determine if there were violations of the Anti-Corruption Act, the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, and other laws. On July 23, they detained two NSB personnel including a Presidential Office bodyguard surnamed Wu for violating the aforementioned laws. Eight other suspects including a driver were released after posting bail ranging from NT$200,000 to NT$500,000. Under the Smuggling Penalty Act, the maximum punishment for public functionaries that shield smugglers is life imprisonment. Two of the president's previous overseas trips may also be investigated to determine if they involved any smuggling activities.


  國民黨立委 曾銘宗表示:「國安大漏洞,貨進的來,香菸進的來,還有那些貨品已經進來了,假設這次進來的是槍砲子彈,請問誰要負責?」

  民進黨立委 吳思瑤表示:「該負責的,都應當,都要勇敢的來承擔,但是我們也不樂見,在整個查辦的過程,就看到政治的一個影響跟操作。」


  時力立委 黃國昌表示:「總統已經震怒了,要求要撤查到底,華航到現在、到剛剛,還在遮遮掩掩。」

  行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「官員做出不法情事,這一方面,理當嚴查嚴辦。」